GED Achievement is Ontario's premier high school equivalency program. Recognized for the quality and effectiveness of our program, we help individuals assess their readiness to write the GED tests. GED Achievement has a coaching program to fit your needs, build your confidence, and greatly improve your chance for success on the GED Tests.


GED Readiness Assessment

To begin our program, you attend a GED Readiness Assessment that determines whether or not you have the skills, or which skills you need to practice, in order to pass the GED Tests. The GED Readiness Assessment indicates the level of your skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and in reading and writing.

As well, it provides our coaches with the information they need to personalize the GED Coaching for you.

The GED Readiness Assessment may indicate that some candidates are able to write the GED Tests immediately and these will be directed to the Independent Learning Centre (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities).

We will counsel those requiring additional learning and direct them to programs provided through our own resources, or by arrangement with public, community, or private providers.

Candidates who are likely to be successful with the GED Tests are invited to enter our GED Coaching program.

GED Coaching

This consists of six 2-1/2 hour small-group Coaching sessions, spread over a six-week period. These sessions focus on the skills common to all or many of the GED Tests, rather than on specific curriculum material. Working closely with experienced adult educators, you will learn reading, writing, and test-taking strategies. You will also be given homework assignments to sharpen your skills in all areas. Finally, you will write the 3-1/2 hour Official Practice Tests.

After the Official Practice Tests have been evaluated and discussed with you, our team of analysts, coaches and administrators continues to monitor your progress - providing encouragement and counseling.

You are now ready to write the GED Tests! You may apply to write the GED Tests at an Independent Learning Centre test site.  If numbers warrant, the Ministry may provide testing in the location where you took the GED Achievement program.

Our personalized approach rewards our candidates with a very high success rate on their GED Tests.

In most cases, the GED Tests are still the quickest way to a high school certificate.


GED Achievement runs public GED programs throughout Southern and Central Ontario in partnership with district school boards.

GED Achievement works with companies to bring the GED to the workplace. Ask if your company is willing to fund the GED. Some of your co-workers may be interested as well.

GED Achievement has programs available for Ontario Works clients or for people who are receiving Employment Insurance (or on reach-back). Ask your worker or counselor if you program will cover the cost of completing your GED.

GED Achievements program meets the intent of the Skills Development Employment Benefit (SDEB)

GED Achievement's program may be funded through the labour adjustment program.


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